Robot Spraying Line with Vertical Dryers VD + Superfici COBRA WZ1020 Painting-Finishing line with spraying machine, for panels, the maximum working width 1300mm.

Used Robotic Spraying, painting-finishing line, in great condition.

Composed of the following machines:

a) Motorized belt transfer – loader

b) “WANDRES” brushing machine, with upper brushes + air blowers

c) Central unit for pressurization of the spray booth.

d) Automatic Spraying machine – NC “VD” Mod. COBRA 2 CS, with 2 spraying guns

e) Vertical oven “SUPERFICI”, with 48 trays – length 6500 mm

f) Vertical oven “SUPERFICI” , with 48 trays – length 6500 mm

g) Motorized belt transfer – Unloader

The Wandress machine with its micro cleaning technology keeps all surfaces clean during production. With the production of high end panels it is vitally important to keep all the surfaces dust free.

The Cobra 2 CS with 2 spraying guns, provides the automated spraying. The technology allows for maximum spray operation control.

The Superfici vertical ovens with 48 trays provides a vertical drying system that accommodates long drying times and space restrictions, High output and energy efficient, due to the recirculating air-flow design. Thus, the heat is maximized on the panels. All air speeds and temperatures are controlled according to the parameters set according to customer requirements.

All of our machines are refurbished with a 6 month mechanical warranty.

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