Hymmen Machinery

European Machinery Services is proud to be the exclusive sales partner for Hymmen GmbH. Founded in 1892, Hymmen is world-renowned for building top-quality machinery for the flooring, furniture and door manufacturing industries. EMS offers machinery, service and spare parts support for the entire Hymmen catalog of equipment.

Printing Production Products

Digital Printing Lines

Since 2007, Hymmen has been the leader for producing digital printing lines for direct board and decor paper to meet the demand of design and style choices found in today’s decorative surfaces. Hymmen digital printing systems offer flexibility and speed without compromising quality. These industrial, single-pass machines offer board producers repeatable and reliable performance synonymous with the Hymmen name.

Hymmen is at the forefront of digital lacquering embossing technology for the flooring and furniture industries. This DLE Plus technology offers deeper embossing with sharper edges, creating a “better-than-nature” finish for a high production manufacturing environment. This is literally the best wood ever printed!

Double-Belt Presses

Hymmen offers a wide range of double-belt presses for high- and continuous-pressure laminate production. These double-belt press systems provide manufacturers reliable, continuous and flexible production for a variety of applications and materials. Our portfolio includes isobaric and isochoric press systems.

Gain significant savings in personnel, material, and energy costs with a Hymmen double-belt press!

Multi-Daylight Press

For large-batch operations, Hymmen offers multi-day or multi-opening press systems. These advanced machines are ideal if you want to process large batches of product in short cycle times. The design of the Hymmen multi-daylight press utilizes precision-built pressing frames that ensure even pressure distribution over the entire pressing surface. The heating plates are built for optimal heat flow, and the upper sheet clamping guarantees safe positioning of the material, which eliminates product damage. Because the board-guiding system and the heating plates are combined in one efficient system, cost savings are immediate.


Glue Application Machinery

Hymmen offers a unique, modular glue application system that has been in used in the global panel and furniture markets for decades. The Hymmen UMA glue application machine accommodates common material widths from 1400mm to 2800mm and offers double-sided glue application with high-precision adjustability based on the application volume. The modular nature of the UMA makes it ideal for integration in existing press line operations.


smart2i Industry Intelligence

If you operate one or more manufacturing facilities, then Hymmen’s smart2i Industry Intelligence offers a solution for proactive and preventative maintenance. smart2i can be installed on virtually any machine and provides increased data feedback for enhanced production and performance. Data gathered from smart2i is populated in an easy-to-use dashboard that allows managers to efficiently identify bottlenecks in production while improving product quality with reduced machine down time. Watch the video to learn more on how Smart2i can improve many facets of your operation.