We now have a HOMAG + Bargstedt combi machine (complete line of double side sizing & edge banding), Models KFL 610 + KFR610 + KFL526. Year of construction 2018. This line has many great advantages for production including the ability to process narrow panels. Homag has a great reputation of being a world-wide leader in technology for the wood industry. This line can be ready to be dismantled and shipped by April 20, 2024.

All of our machinery is inspected and refurbished. The pricing will include a test run before shipping. Warranty will be 6 months for mechanical. If interested please contact me directly: email dave@ems-ind.com or phone 980-389-3971.

Technical details:

FULL LINE (4-SIDES) of Sizing-Milling & Edge Banding, with fast automatic handling.
MINIMUM workpieces WIDTH (MIN. working width): mm 90
Composed of the following machines:

Loader (gantry-portal) “BARGSTEDT (HOMAG)” Mod. TBP 420/40/25/12/GRU
with rotating suction cup group

1st Single-side (Right) Sizing & Edge Bander “HOMAG” Mod. KFR 610/17/A
max. working speed 35 m/min

Connecting Roller Table “HOMAG” Mod. TVL100 / 25/12/L

2nd Single-side (Left) Sizing & Edge Bander “HOMAG” Mod. KFL 610/17/A
max. working speed 35 m/min

Turning Station “HOMAG” Mod TDL310/25/12 (from lenghtwise to crosswise)

Double-side Sizing & Edge Bander “HOMAG” Mod. KFL 526/9/A3/25
max. working speed 40 m/min

Conveyor with motorized belts “HOMAG”

Multi-Borer, with CN “WEEKE” Mod. BST 500 (with 2 horizontal units, 7 vertical lower
units and 2 vertical upper units)

Conveyor with motorized rollers and belts “HOMAG” Mod. TRR100/75/12/S

Brush-cleaning machine “WANDRES”