Anthon Products

Anthon GmbH, based in Flensburg, Germany, has been producing top-quality machinery since 1865. With over 160 employees and nearly a half million sq/ft of production space, Anthon continues to deliver custom panel processing equipment and systems for the wood industry globally.

Anthon Machinery Services and spare parts

Anthon uses a razor-sharp approach to serving the wood industry by only focusing on building the most robust, highest throughput automated pressure beam saws, material handling, and packaging equipment in the world. Anthon’s goal to learn the customer’s application needs and then build a machine system custom to that need is unsurpassed. Numerous automated systems are installed globally, and European Machinery Services is proud to offer the entire Anthon catalog, spare parts, and service to the North American Market.

Industrial Sawing Lines

Anthon cut-to-size lines provide manufacturers with a flexible solution for every need. We build-to-order single-axis, semi-automatic, or fully automatic angular systems and we take our customer’s special requirements into consideration from the start.

Portal saws, multi-blade saws, and special saws also available in the cut-to-size options from Anthon.

Software and IT

Modern production processes require full IT and software integration. Anthon provides turnkey software integration and data management for even the most complex automated manufacturing lines. This gives management and operators the visibility and leverage over data necessary for today’s top producing manufacturers.

Fully Automated Packaging Lines

Anthon offers fully automated packaging systems including but not exclusive to robots, wrappers, strapping machines, and more. We can even design systems for individual packaging purposes for large or small production numbers. Combined with various transport devices, this provides complete packaging systems which ultimately compliment the proven Anthon panel dividing systems.

Handling Systems

Anthon offers individual solutions for seemless integration with our sawing systems. We know that seconds count so providing the most economic and efficient material handling is of the utmost importance to profitable operations. The focus is on high throughput with smooth transisions to yield the highest output.

Looking for a custom solution?  View the custom Anthon solutions for the furniture industry and the wood panel industry.