Anthon Handling Systems

Industry 4.0 and batch size 1 production are phrases front and center in the manufacturing world these days. Combining Anthon’s longitudinal and multi-blade throughfeed saws in an integrated system with supporting components, it is possible to realize up to 20 cut parts per minute. Each of these parts can be different sizes! Pre-prepared cut lists in conjunction with parts handling and vacuum traversing stations make Batch Size 1 production a real possibility for today’s wood panel processors. This application is ideal for kitchen, bathroom, and office manufacturing and more!

multi blade batch saws in the background

Types of Anthon Handling Systems

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Our feeding systems are available as slide-in, vacuum or mangle roller variants or in combination. We build stacking systems in varying degrees of automation custom designed and built for you.


High performance panel dividing requires high performance destacking. Depending on the desired degree of automation, the material to be destacked and the complexity of the cutting process, Anthon offers many solutions. These range from manual to semi-automatic to fully automatic destacking and feature a multitude of robotic integration.

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warehouse storage

Storage Technology

As a supplier of complete integrated systems, customized storage systems are also part of our product portfolio.