Anthon Industrial Sawing Lines

Anthon cut-to-size lines provide a flexible, accurate and efficient solution for every panel processing requirement. From a single pressure beam saw to our fully automatic angular system, we have the bases covered. As always, we listen to the customer’s needs and build a custom system that matches those exact parameters. No other saw manufacturer equals our reputation for delivering on that promise!

Types of Anthon Industrial Saws

Portal saws, multi-blade saws and special saws complete the range of Anthon cut-to-size lines. These machines commonly only process materials such as wood, derived timber, products, plastics, PCBs, gypsum and fiber boards, insulating materials and aluminum with perfect cut quality.

inc series beam saw

Pressure Beam Saws

Optimum cut quality and accuracy is guaranteed by an absolute fixed position of the workpiece and a vibration-free tool pass. Our pressure beam design precisely positions and fixes the work piece and holds it solidly with no play throughout the duration of the cut. This yields high precision AND high production!

Throughfeed Saws

Optimum cut quality and accuracy are guaranteed by an absolute fixed position of the workpiece. Anthon manufacturers throughfeed saws that can be used in a variety of ways. Due to the modular design of this saw series, these units can be adapted to virtually any requirement found in panel processing, building materials, and furniture industries. Commonly, throughfeed saws can be equipped with hoggers or sawing tools and they can also be combined with scoring saws, for tear-free cutting of furniture panels. Throughfeed saws can function as a center cutting saw and can be used for cross-cutting following edge processing lines.

black throughfeed saw

Portal Saws

The portal saws from Anthon are a popular option for processesing gypsum, mineral fiber, cement bonded, insulation and other diverse materials. We offer cutting heights up to 260mm and also provided special handling equipment using high-precision linear guide systems and state-of-the-art CNC controls.

Batch Size 1

Industry 4.0 and batch size 1 production are buzzwords that are now common in our industry. With a combination of longitudinal and multi-blade throughfeed saws with several units, up to 20 parts per minute can be produced depending on the system options.

multi blade batch saws in the background