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Multi-Daylight Press

For large-batch operations, Hymmen offers multi-daylight or multi-opening press systems. These advanced machines are ideal if you want to process very large batches of product in short cycle times. The presses are used for laminate and compact boards for exterior and interior applications, building surfaces and for the furniture, laboratory, and medical sectors.

The design of the Hymmen multi-daylight press utilizes precision-built pressing frames that ensure even pressure distribution over the entire pressing surface. The heating plates are built for optimal heat flow, and the upper sheet clamping guarantees safe positioning of the material, which eliminates product damage.

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Why Hymmen

As with all Hymmen technology, the multi-opening or multi-daylight presses provide fast, efficient results that reduce overhead costs while increasing productivity. Because the board-guiding system and the heating plates are combined in one efficient system, cost savings are immediate. Hymmen is a family-run, high-tech company with a global network that always puts our customers first. We will provide a solution to any challenge you bring us. We are proud to provide exceptional consulting and customer service for our customers.