VOLLMER – Saw Blade Grinding | Rotary Tool Grinding | Bandsaw Sharpening

For over a century, Vollmer has been the number one name for tool sharpening worldwide. Vollmer is a brand synonymous with MADE IN GERMANY as their quality is only surpassed by their reputation for precision.

Spare Parts For Vollmer rotary cutters, circular saw, and bandsaw blades for both metal and wood processing

Vollmer offers flexible and adaptive sharpening solutions for sawmills, tooling producers, and industrial manufacturing companies that keep as many processes in-house as possible. Having the capability to sharpen and maintain tooling on-site is a competitive advantage for today’s advanced manufacturing operations.

Vollmer specializes in the sharpening of rotary cutters, circular saw, and bandsaw blades for both metal and wood processing. Common industries using Vollmer grinding machines are aerospace, automotive, advanced materials, defense, engineered wood, energy, and metalworking.

Erosion machines process Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) tooling using cutting edge technology in a CNC form factor. Both EDM and disc electrode erosion options are available contingent upon the application. This type of machine is easy to use, extremely reliable and produces repeatable results.

Saw blades are precision ground for clearances and geometry to maximize tool life and produce optimal cut quality. Bandsaws blades using carbide tips are maintained via intricate grinding for a total solution for long use in a high production environment.

a vollmer spare part inside of a vollmer sawing machine

EMS knows Vollmer machines!

For the past few decades, EMS has focused on providing the best possible support for virtually any German-made machinery for both the wood and metal processing markets. We pride ourselves on keeping our customers’ machines running at an economical cost. Please let us know if you need help with your machine. We would love to hear from you!

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