HOMAG KAL 370 (ambition 2482)

HOMAG KAL 370 (ambition 2482)

Edges (band in rolls) thickness (Min/Max) mm 0,3 / 3
Panels thickness (min/max) mm 8 / 60
Numerical Control POWER CONTROL PC23 Powertouch
Feeding speed m/min 16-25

Top pressure system with rubber belt
Spraying unit (Anti-sticking liquid)
In-feed fence, adjustable by N.C.
Pre-milling Unit (vertical joint trimmers) 2 x Kw 3
Lamps to heat the workpieces side
Glueing Unit (Hot Melt + Quick Melt Unit) QA60 + QUICKMELT
Band Pressure zone (N.C. adjustment) “A”
Edge coils supporting unit (No. 2 reels)

Snipping (end-cutting) unit PK 25 (2 x Kw 0,8) max 25 m/min
Rough Trimming unit BF10 (2 x Kw 0,55)
Fine Trimming unit (Multiprofile, by N.C.) PF20 (2 x Kw 0,4) tiltable 0°-30°
Multi Function Unit (Profile contour Trimming unit) FK 30/V20 (1 x Kw 0,7) CNC (Multiprofile: Nr. 3) with PERFORMANCE PACKAGE
Free space
Profile edge scraping unit PN10
Finish processing unit ( Glue scraper + Buffing unit) FA21
Foil/high-gloss Package (for processing workpieces with protective film or glossy surface on the top and/or bottom edge of the workpiece)

Brand: HOMAG

Code: X12038

Model: KAL 370 (ambition 2482)