Anthon Software

Industry 4.0 characterizes modern production processes and the digital age. Only with intelligent management and control IT can the challenges posed by advancing technology, mass production and international markets be properly managed. Achieving the best possible results under time and cost pressure is the motto – online production the goal!

To offer our customers high-performance solutions from a single source, we combine Anthon’s core competencies: heavy machinery and plant engineering as well as cutting-edge software solutions. Valuable synergy results from this combination of machinery and software and ultimately, our customers reap the success!

multi blade batch saws in the background

Types of Anthon Software

electrical wire lines system

Line Control Systems

Line PCs control complete lines and can communicate with external systems such as a higher-level database/merchandise management solutions. Cutting, stacking and processing are coordinated via the line control system, as well as the material flow and general production processes. The software for the line and database PCs is completely developed in-house at Anthon so that we can offer ultimate customization.

Machine Control and Network Communication

We rely on PLCs (programmable logic controllers) from Siemens or Allen Bradley for the control of individual machines. All our machines are interconnected as part of a network of servo controllers. This allows positional axes to be operated highly dynamically, precisely, and with very low cycle times.

For network communication, we use PROFIBUS, PROFINET and ETHERNET with TCP/IP. This is how line PC and PLC interact together.

data points in control room
red production line visual

Visualization Tools

Want to keep a real time eye on the whole plant? Easy! With our visualization software using InTouch from Wonderware and SIMATIC WinCC from Siemens, we provide the machine operator with a clear view of the entire production window.

This means that the entire production can be monitored effortlessly in real time, and the status of the plant is also clearly visible, as our software contains functions for operating data acquisition as well as diagnostics. If a error occurs in the system, it is immediately displayed creating a predictive diagnostic environment for both operators and managers.

Optimization Software

Cutting efficiency in the panel processing industry is mission critical for large scale operations. Our users achieve this cutting efficiency using our optimization program. From automatic shearing machines to fully and partially automated saws, our optimization software creates cutting plans and already includes numerous tools in the standard version:

  •  Interface to the storage system
  • Strip cutting
  • Facilitated quotation calculation
  • Evaluation of different working practices and cutting machines
  • Trade-off between cutting speed and waste
silver cords looping