Anthon Throughfeed Saws

Anthon manufactures throughfeed saws that can be used in a variety of applications. Because of the modular design of this saw type, they can be adapted to the most stringent requirements of the panel processing, building material, and furniture industries.

Throughfeed saws units can be equipped with special additions such as hoggers or sawing tools. Adding a scoring saw is also possible. This prevents board tear out for more precision applications commonly found in furniture panels. These systems function as center-cutting saws and are used for cross-cutting following edge processing lines. These machines are also commonly found in post lamination operations behind Siempelkamp, Dieffenbacher, Burkle and Wemhoner press lines.

Special feature of the PVL, PVQ and PVT series: These are mainly used for simple four-sided edging in a throughfeed process, usually downstream of press lines or sanding lines. The panels are transported continuously along the processing tools of the throughfeed saw. The cutting heights of the saws range from single panels to panel packs with a height of 250 mm

black throughfeed saw

Areas of application for throughfeed saws

Areas of Applications
Sanding and sawing systems Combinations in the wood-based materials industry
Cut-to-size lines with precise finish cutting in the furniture industry
Edge lines as centre cut saws
Combination with pressure beam saws in batch size 1 systems
Vertically or horizontally operating trimming lines and chamfering stations in the panel / coating industry
Dividing systems in the insulation board / building materials industry

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