Anthon Portal Saws

Anthon offers a range of portal saws with a primary focus on diverse materials. Mineral fiber, cement-bonded panels, gypsum, insulation, plywood and more in stacks up to 260mm are best processed with this saw. Special handling options are also offered including high-precision linear guide systems that are fully integrated with our state-of-art CNC controls. Automatic adjustment of the position of the individual sawing units allows for an extremely flexible panel layout. Extremely high dividing capacities can be achieved by combining several longitudinal and cross-cutting saws. The lateral adjustment of the saw and hogger units is fully automatic via servo drive and rack/gear, using precision measuring. For particularly narrow cutting widths, Anthon also supplies linear drives for lateral saw positioning.

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Benefits of Portal Saws

No separate waste removal is necessary because we position chippers on the outer units. The position is detected via an encoder mounted directly on the servo motor. Based on the cutting pattern data, the cutting positions of the sawing units are automatically defined and adjusted. The sawing units are mounted on linear guides on both sides achieving the highest precision requirements. Anthon industrial saws, sawing units, and scoring saws are each equipped with their own drives. The respective saw shaft is driven by a toothed belt. It is possible to pre-select optimum circumferential speeds, as the drive motors of the sawing units are frequency controlled. The scoring saw can be height adjusted and laterally adjusted by motor, whereas the high/low adjustment ensures the setting after the saw blade has been sharpened. The lateral adjustment enables the correct setting to the main saw blade. For changing the saw blade, all saw units can be moved out to the side.

Areas of application for Portal saws

Areas of Applications
Dividing systems in the insulation board/building materials industry
Cut-to-size lines with precise finish cut in the furniture industry
Compact stand-alone solution for limited installation space
Portal saws are available as rip saws and crosscut saws or as a combination
Depending on the power, the saws are available with 1 or 2 gantries (angular arrangement).

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