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Table Saws

altendorf sliding table saw f45

F 45

Considered by many as the gold standard of table saws, the totally customizable F 45 is the most versatile saw in the Altendorf lineup. The cutting height is easily adjustable offering a range of 150mm to 204mm. There is an assortment of crosscut fences available in to maximize flexibility, efficiency, and throughput. Examples include the UNO 90 CNC crosscut fence featuring a motorized flip-up stop and the dynamic DUO FLEX CNC miter fence.

altendorf sliding table saw wa80 te

WA 80 TE

The Altendorf WA 80 TE offers a rip fence cutting width of 1,000 mm which can be adjusted with ease. An additional floor support option means that it can handle workpieces with a greater length – up to 4,300 mm. Without the additional floor support, a very respectable sliding table length of 3,400 mm is possible. A RAPIDO scoring system with a generous adjustment range is one of the popular accessories for the Altendorf WA 80 TE and this can be backed up by a handy LED illumination system is also available. Add a laser cut line marker to ensure accuracy is maintained at all times.

altendorf sliding table saw wa80 te

WA 80 X

The economical Altendorf WA 80 X has a CNC-controlled rip fence versus a manual one. The standard eye-level control panel provides a big advantage for furniture manufacturing operations and on/off switches are located on the sliding table eliminating users having to reach over the work piece to operate the machine. A pneumatic hold-down beam is available for the sliding table which helps operators to ensure their workpieces make perfect contact with the blade. Additional options available are a single-sided miter fence, the range of DUPLEX double-sided miter fences and the PALIN parallel cutting device that seamlessly integrates with ease for wide range of cutting tasks.

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